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"I'm sorry to message you so late, but your name has been stuck in my mine. I kept repeating it to myself hoping I would find the connection, because I just knew that I recognized your name and face! Well, it hit me :) you're the author of my absolute favorite series growing up, ZC Horses!! I actually met you when I was about 7 years old at a book signing you did in either Boise, Idaho area, or Kalispell, Montana area! I had you sign the first book for me and I still have it to this day, even now married with my first child on the way. I'm sure you have people reach out to you all the time, but I want to thank you. Your books sparked a fire in me that grew and grew, and because of that spark I have the career I've always dreamed of. I am blessed enough to train my own personal horses, give lessons to children and adults, as well as take clients horses to be started/fine tuned. I absolutely love going to work every day. Thank you so much for the inspiration you brought to me, as well as so many other children, through the pages of a book that all started with one palomino mare. Thank you"

Diane Keaster, a Salmon, Idaho writer, allows `children' of all ages to enjoy the life of a young girl growing up on a ranch in Montana and riding in Idaho.  Her `ZC Horses' series of children's books has colorful, easy-reading material for any level of reader.  The true stories in these non-fiction books are enjoyed by readers from two to eighty-two.  They are also ESL books.  `Chick-The Beginning', `Chick-The Saddle Horse', and `Chick-The Mom'   center around the matriarch in this line of horses.   The rest of the titles go into her offspring and friends.  The author-written AR tests are free.  Renaissance has tested the books for their reading level.  (3.6 - 4.2)  These books have a special library binding with a thicker, laminated cover.  They are also printed on the  highest quality paper.  Large school districts attest to the fact they hold up well with continual checkouts. 

For more info about author visits and books, call: 
(208) 756-7947

  Comments about the ‘ZC Horses’ books  have included:

“My child hates to read but started loving it because of these books.”
“My husband compares these books to ‘Hank The Cowdog’ books.”
“My husband just loves these books.”
“I just love ‘Chick’.” (Forty-year old man)
“I love the books because I had a horse when I was young.” (Fifty-year old woman)
“My young child wanted me to reread the book as soon as I had read it to him.”
“Every night when I read a chapter to my son he begs me to read more.”
“The older kids that do not read well are enjoying the books because the story is interesting to all ages but it is easy to read.”
“The junior high boys are not intimidated by these books because they are good stories but not very long.” (74-80 pages)
“I have never bought paperback books for our school before, but am glad I decided to buy yours!  The kids love them!”
“What a great addition to our library!”