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   The Program:  Each presentation is 45 minutes to one hour long but can be tailored to meet your needs.  Although grades K-6 are all thoroughly enjoying the presentation, 2-6 seem to get more out of the program.  I am willing to do any grades.  Although I have done assemblies, the program is more successful having two to three classes at a time in a large classroom, library or small area of a gym or auditorium where interruptions are minimized.  It is best not to include the younger students (K-2) with 4-5.  The program involves teaching the students to take advantage of their learning in school and the importance of it, to go for their dreams, and convincing them that each of them has a story to tell.  I also read to them parts of the books of the series and show them how the books are produced.  The books center around life of a young girl growing up on a ranch, so also taught is what ranch life is like.  There is a question and answer portion in which the children love to be involved.  After previous presentations, teachers, principals and librarians have found their students eager to read, write and become more involved in their education.  Hundreds of letters from students and teachers contain high commendation of the presentations.
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           The Presenter:  Having authored and published the ZC HORSES SERIES, I am very knowledgeable as to the writing and production of books.  Also, having been a teacher, school-bus driver and raising two sons, I relate well to the kids, and they respond well to me.  Growing up on a ranch in Montana enables me to bring to life the way of ranch living by utilizing these true stories of my life.

           2007/2008 Fee (subject to change):  The fee for one full day is $600 (i.e. four presentations in the morning and two in the afternoon).  The fee for half a day is $350  Schools may split time (i.e. one school in the morning, I would travel across town to another school for the afternoon).  

           Book Sales:  If interested, the schools may inform the students signed, personalized copies of the books may be purchased for $6.00.  This can be through pre-orders, post-orders, or day of performance.

           Travel Expenses:  Travel expenses are at my discretion.  (i.e. there may not be any)  Additional expenses are at my discretion (i.e. no expenses involved).  The additional expenses may be as follows:   $.50 a mile for car travel and $10/meal allowance.  If I have to remain overnight, lodging expenses will need to be provided.  If I must fly to the site, round-trip airfare, lodging, car rental (if desired) and parking fees (if any) will be added.  The host organization will receive an invoice beforehand at their request.  Payment for the appearance is expected at the time of the visit.  I encourage you to work cooperatively with other schools or libraries in your area to arrange an appearance.  The more host organizations for one tour, the less the travel expense burden.

TO SCHEDULE PRESENTATION(S):  Contact:  Diane W. Keaster, ZC HORSES SERIES, 8 Hokanson Lane, Salmon, Idaho  83467; (208) 756-3757;Cell Phone (756-7947);
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."For anyone who would be thinking of having Diane come to their school believe me you would not be disappointed.She gives a great talk that captivates the children of any age....including adults.It was an experience our students will never forget...they are coming back from summer vacation still talking about her. Her books are always out...Treat yourselves to a great lady.Bonnie Bowen Teton Elementary" September 7, 2007

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