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Chick - The Beginning! book 1
Chick - The Saddle Horse! book 2

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"Driving down the bumpy hill to the house, the trailer bounced like a ball.  Poor Chick!  How could she stay standing?  The other horses saw us pull up.  They raced toward us at their top speed.  All of them were jumping and bucking and kicking.  They were excited to see the newcomer!  Chick was not excited to see them.  She could not survive out there with them!"


"Chick had sunk so far, my feet were touching the muck.  I leaned forward to bring my leg over her to get off.  Right then she thrust forward and hit me with her neck.  I fell off her onto the bog.  When she had lunged forward, her leg went over me.  I was now under her.  On my back, I could feel the soggy ground.  I was not heavy enough to sink into the slime.  To the side of me was Chick's leg.  Above me was her stomach."


Chick - The Mom! book 3
Luke - The First! book 4

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"When I looked up at her, she said, “I have to tell you…” and she paused.  My heart sunk I was so scared.  I knew something bad happened.  Then she continued, “Chick had her baby, but it won’t get up.”

I sprung out of bed and threw on my clothes.   What had happened?!  Pete followed as I rushed to the corral.  Frost rested upon the fence.  When I got out to Chick’s pen, the foal was still flat on the ground.  Chick was up with her nose gently nudging the foal.  I was close to crying.  Pete sat at the edge of the corral with his head hanging.  As I got closer, Chick’s concerned eyes caught mine.   A subtle nicker slipped from her sad lips"


"The frost resting upon the grey poles of the corral bit at my hands.  There was Chick.  She stood looking down at her baby.  She threw a troubled look at me then put her nose gently on the foal.  Nudging the foal gently, Chick nickered, or gave a soft whinny. "


Barbie - The Best! book 5
Leroy - The Stallion! book 6

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"Once again Darby fled into the marshy plants.    Once again I saw the same movement and heard the same rustling.  It did seem there was a little more to it, though.  All of a sudden, thrusting through the solid plants came a gigantic,..."


"When morning slipped over the top of the mountain, another fire was started.  It was time to fry bacon and eggs.  Its aroma brought all of us to life!  The popping of the grease over the fire broke the silence of the morning.  It stung if the grease hit my arm. 

Fishing poles were active again!  Leroy was glad to see me awake.  He tossed a gentle whinny at me when our eyes met. "


Goldie - The Wise! book 7
Chickadee - The Traveler! book 8

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"It was obvious.  A cougar had attacked Goldie.  A cougar is also called a mountain lion.  It is a gigantic, vicious cat.  The quick-footed bully had jumped on her.  It had planted all four clawed paws gouging Goldie's rounded back.  "


"A few days later everyone was in the field grazing.  Being the Spring of the year, flowers were just showing their faces.  The tiny green hands of trees joyfully waved hello.  Newborn animals of all sorts could be seen.  Baby bunnies hopped here and there. Tiny ducklings followed their mom to the nearby Sun River.

I noticed something beside Chick.  I knew it was not spry Chickadee.  She continued to romp and play.  I had to go see. 

The closer I got, the more amazed I was.  There, next to Chick,..."


Darby - The Cow Dog! book 9
Sonny - The Spectacular! book 10

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"Finally they were through the gate.  We headed back to the truck.  It was about a two-hour ride to it.  We were in an open area on the top of the mountain.  Blue, yellow, and pink wildflowers dotted the meadow.  Darby was behind me just a little ways.  He was quite worn out from all his hard work.  When I looked back at him, he smiled and wagged at me as always.   I noticed something lying beside him.  I was amazed!  There quietly rested a newborn baby ...   "


"Once I felt I was ready, I started to ease up into the saddle.  Once you start going, you have to get your right leg over the horse’s back.   This needs to be done quickly but softly.  I did this with Sonny.   I started raising into the air.  Then………..then……..then…….    I don’t know what happened."

Appaloosa - The State Horse! book 11
Onie-The Roanie! book 12

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"Chief’s right eye opened twice as large as what it normally was.  He thought he had just seen on his right side the biggest, baddest boogy man he had ever seen.  Looking at his eye, I knew I was in trouble.  As soon as my left foot touched the ground, Chief went flying away from me.  My right hand was still grasping the horn." 


"The trouble started when I got Onie into the barn.  He saw that gigantic, horrific crowd.  His eyes widened.  They were almost all white.  He was petrified.  I spent a lot of time getting him to look good.  I forgot to get him used to a crowd.  We had only ridden in the mountains.  He never saw people.  He only saw elk, cows, moose, and everything else that lived in the mountains of  Idaho.  He looked up to see his bright blue sky.  All he saw were rafters cris-crossing the......"  


Tawny - The Beauty! book 13
Daphney - The Mule! book 14

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I had just tightened to the point where the cinch put pressure on Tawny’s belly. It was like an explosion. I should say it WAS an explosion. Tawny is what exploded. Up in the air she flew. Down she slammed. She started bucking up and down as hard as she could. The stirrups were slapping against her side. WHAP, WHAP, WHAP they sounded. CRASH, BANG, SQUEAL What a sight!


“Today I was packin' hay into the old Tappan Ranch. The trail came down to a little flat along the creek. There was a pretty good-sized chokecherry patch with underbrush of thimble berries. The chokecherries were hanging over the trail. The underbrush was so thick that you couldn't see the trail. It was as tall as my knee as I was on my horse. Then I saw a head pop out of the brush. I soon realized.......I was seven yards from a sow and a cub. I stopped and the sow..........”


Lily-The Pretty Paint! book 15

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There was one spot on the trail that was very narrow. On our right was a rock cliff. We could touch it while sitting on our horse! To our left was a shear drop off. Lily still wanted to walk right along that dreaded edge! She kept looking down to the flowing river far below. All of a sudden, she started to put her front feet over the edge. Rocks and dirt splashed into the water. Cole immediately pulled back on the reins to get her back onto the trail. “LILY!!!!”, he hollered. He finally got her back.